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Our Focus.

A2Z Transcripts strives in making your careers fruitful and helping you in the process with our diligent support. Provide attention for Students and Professionals in obtaining their educational transcripts and credential assessment done from various Universities and Colleges in India. A2Z Transcripts helps individuals who are unable to visit Universities and Colleges due to their personal, professional or any other commitments. We initiate the process on your behalf by applying the transcript request to the concerned Educational Institutions like Central, State, Deemed, Private Universities, Autonomous Institutions, Board, Council, etc. In short, we help you secure your transcripts, saving your valuable time and energy.

Our objective is not only to make the transcripts service simplified, but we also want to make sure the transcripts are delivered on the assured timeline to applicant from the recipient universities. With great experience in dealing with universities, we know how vital the transcripts are for those applicants who are planning to migrate, for higher education, visa process and other purposes. We are here to serve those crucial moments of the applicant in a simple & easy way.

We pride ourselves on our process, our extensive efforts and our attention to detail. We also put a lot of time nurturing our relations with the universities, we believe in charm, good manners and punctuality. And a healthier dose of hard work, we take arrogance in our work and always think positive and ways of improvising the process and learn from our past mistakes.

Life is work. Never work a day.

The average person will spend approximately 60 years working towards, or working in, their career. That is the majority of your life. Like it or not, Life is work.
We believe that satisfaction in your life’s work is the key to happiness. As well as being fairly rewarded, people want to feel valued, useful and a sense of pride and achievement from their work.

How can we connect the right people with the right providers so they get the educational documents they need to succeed in work and life and ‘never work a day’, while making valuable contributions to the world around them.

The education experience. Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Specialist knowledge and skills are easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime. There are many learning paths to choose from, to train and skill-up or to start-up. Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to study or work, it’s all possible. And on your terms.

The balance of power has moved from the educators to the educated, and learning is becoming increasingly personalised. Never give up on your dreams, keep moving ahead !

Help us improve our process , by giving feedback , we always take it positively!

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